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Am excited!
Will have a small corner of my own, a dedicated studio space at last instead of my dining table!
Will be joining this art studio 'Painted Ladies' in Issaquah in April
April 12th 2013
ok so here's the update. From my dining table above I have finally moved in to the 'Painted Ladies' art studio on Front St in Issaquah. Whew! Took a few trips to get all my stuff over there and tables etc., set up. Here's what my studio space looks like now. I still have lots of paintings to put up on the wall but oh my gosh, it is so much better...
Much better don't you think!
Not only do I get a space to work in, but I get to meet & share space with some really cool people, Pamela Wickard
and Barbara Van Dyke Shuman.
 Both of whom have been at the studio a long time. The gallery is open and participates in the local Issaquah Art Walk and Wine Walks during the year.
Finished my first painting at the studio today, a small study of my garden Narcissus. It's 7 by 9 inches, used Acrylic & Fabric Mesh.
April 17: I concentrated on a couple of small mixed media paintings:
Cala Lilies
and Echinacea
They are 3" x 5".
April 24: Am really getting into the swing of being in the art studio. These are my next few paintings - am on a roll!
Dragonfly. Acrylic and Fabric Mesh on Mason Board. Actual Size 12" x 12"
Goldfish. Acrylic and Fabric Mesh on Mason Board.
Size: 12" x 12"
Then I thought I'd go back to my British roots and paint an interesting church door I photographed while on holiday near Reigate, Surrey, England. Love the iron and old wood, also the texture of brick with flint set for the walls.
This one is painted with Acrylic only.
I framed with an ivory fabric mat, and gold 16" x 20" frame.
Might do a series of 3 British slightly architectural interest paintings and see how we go!
My little corner of art studio walls are beginning to look a little less bare.
Still got a long way to go before I really have a collection, but it's a good start.
By May 2013 we had a local Artwalk, and this is what my wall looked like then.

We will be open to the public on Art walks in the Summer months & the Issaquah Wine Walk first Friday of the month May through September.

Please come back sometime later and check out any events or latest info!
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