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Making Woodburned & colored pencil ornaments
Hairclips & Pins
Give a Mom a Hug party in Arts of Snohomish Art Gallery
A few new ones
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Arts of Snohomish (week 1)
Creative Tutorial
Hairclips and pins
Mother's Day event at Arts of Snohomish 2013
New Paintings
New work
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Making Woodburned & colored pencil ornaments

I love to tinker about and find things that are creative and satisfying. Here's an idea how to make simple but effective hanging ornaments for your tree, or wherever you like.

1. Start with a blank wood template. You can get these at a local craft store, or if you are really fancy you can make them yourself.

2. Use a standard hobby wood burning tool with a point and shade in some details.

3. After you have done that, color in the areas with a normal colored pencil you can get a lovely set from art stores or even Bartells.

Hairclips & Pins

My sister-in -law volunteered her beautiful hair to showcase these hairclips and pins so you can see what they look like.
Here is a photo of a hairpin that you can just stick into a bun.
This pink one may be a good idea for a bohemian/romantic bridesmaid
This Blue one has longer wool and fabric threads.
They are fun to make and actually for me the scruffier the fabric thread the better :)
Turquoise scruffy hairclip with beads.

Give a Mom a Hug party in Arts of Snohomish Art Gallery

Mother's Day May 21st.
This was the first time I set up a table and so it was an interesting experience for me. Several of the Arts of Snohomish Art Gallery members set up tables on both floors of the building. We had a good complement of food & drinks and a raffle that went on all day.
The gallery featured:
  • Krazy Good- Candied Jalapenos
  • Holly's Images- Whimsical Art
  • Truffles by Debby - Truffles (and Anklets & Hair Pieces)
  • Geraldine Banes- Mixed Media Paintings, Brooches, and Jewelry
  • Rebecca Stout - Watercolors, prints, note cards, coasters, and small painted tiles made into jewelry
  • A few new ones

    Have really started to enjoy going over to the art studio and painting. It has taken almost a month to move in 'proper, but now I feel more at home in the place. Have been experimenting with styles recently. Have done 2 mixed media paintings,
    Dragonfly: Acrylic with Fabric mesh. Actual size 12" by 12"
    And Goldfish: Acrylic with Fabric Mesh, also 12" by 12"
    And then I decided to go back to my roots and paint an old church door that took my fancy when on vacation in Britain.

    Latest work

    Hello there! It's been a busy month so far. I now have a dedicated art studio corner space at the Painted Ladies Studio in Issaquah! Very excited about that. It will give me the space to continue my artwork rather than clogging up my dining room table:) Whoo ee! Very nice. Have a lot more paintings to put up on the walls there, but it's a wonderful start :)
    Since I do a variety of artwork, from brooches, to earrings, magnets and mixed media I never really know what will come out next.

    Snohomish Art Gallery

    Week 1: I just recently got accepted at Arts of Snohomish Art Gallery for my paintings and pins. After years of painting, making jewelry for friends, and just generally crafting about I am glad to have a venue to display my stuff.
    I have painted for years, have made jewelry for just a few,. Gone through all the stages of painting English landscapes in watercolor, painted people's pets, experimented with pottery, and now just fell in love with Acrylics with fabric mesh, and added jewelry findings, or glass globs, or wood or whatever takes my interest.
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